Handmade to order in Mineville, Nova Scotia. Current turnaround time is approximately 5 weeks. Free shipping on Canadian and US orders over $150.00.

About Us

I love my dogs and I love adventures! What I don't love are the wet and dirty gear after those adventures. I started this company to make it a little easier to enjoy all the messy fun. Get Dirty Pet Gear is small company based out of Mineville, Nova Scotia, Canada. I hand-make waterproof, odorless, easy to clean pet accessories from a material called BioThane. My products are a vegan alternative to leather and are perfect for the beach, the trails, camping, or any other adventure you and your pup can dream up!

I grew up in the country, always on the marsh, in the woods, or at the beach. I also have always had multiple dogs around me and currently have 6 dogs, ranging from 15 pounds up to 70 pounds. We compete in agility, chase ability, sprinter, dock diving and play in other dog sports. I'm sure I have tried almost everything out there when it comes to gear. I know what works and what doesn't and I create my products based on what works for all sized dogs.

My inspiration came from one of my boys. Chance came to us at 10 months old from a local rescue. He is deaf, and because he's quite a mischievous fellow, he will never be permitted off leash. Living in Nova Scotia means one of our favorite places is the beach and Chance loves to play in the sand and seaweed. His old long line would get so dirty and smelly that we needed something better. The search ended when I decided to make one myself. Making one long line expanded into making collars and leashes for all of our dogs, and the next thing I knew, Get Dirty Pet Gear was born!