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Tapered to Perfection

This 1 inch collar is nice and snug, efficient for coming and going with breathing space to work with for restrains and quick holds. This collar is smooth against the neck to prevent cutting of the fur, with a beautiful soft to the touch feel. Coupled with a quick release it's great for a walk or out doing sports with the pups who need to get in and out of their gear frequently.

So light for unpredictable leash management!

I participate in a lot of dog sports such as scent detection where dogs are typically on leash for searches. This thin length of clean, bright biothane is exactly what I'm looking for!

Compared to fabric it does not grind or hook while navigating around objects, making it a treat to focus on the dog while working.

Great Long Lead

We're so impressed with the long lead that we purchased. The colors are great, as it is easy to see when he's dragging it along in the woods, and it is comfortable to hold and cleans much easier than the last leash we had. We were also very impressed with how strong it is! I imagine this leash will last us a very very long time!

3/4" Wide Adventure Carabiner Biothane Leash

Love this leash! The material seems very strong and I love the auto locking carabiner!


This is my second long line from Get Dirty, and I love them. It's super lightweight, easy to clean, the 1/2 width is more than strong enough to handle my larger 46lb dog, and I LOVE the colour options! I will say that I chose the lightweight carabiner for my first one but got the quick release trigger clip for my second one, and I much prefer the trigger clip (though it is heavier, so some people might not have the same preferences as me). I got 30ft for both and I find that it's the perfect length.
These long lines keep my dogs safe and allow them to have a lot more freedom than a standard leash when off-leash isn't a safe option. The shop owner is also incredibly nice and went out of her way to make sure that I was happy with my products. Highly recommend!

Great long line!!

Even tho it is 30' long, it doesn't get caught on things, doesn't get dirty.

great quality

Love this leash! Perfect hands free, amazing quality, durable and I love the color I chose.

Fantastic Long Line

Very happy with the 1/2” wide, 30’ long line I purchased! Durable, easy to wipe clean, the perfect weight, and it’s easy to use long or coiled up shorter in the hand. Love the combo of navy blue colour with the brass hardware . Perfect for my 5 month old puppy.

‘Does what it says on tin’

This leash arrived exactly as described. It’s amazing for rainy, mucky weather. It’s comfortable to hold (no more rope burn from rope leash). It’s so useful having your hands free and the colour is beautiful.
The black colouring rubs off the metal parts because my dog does pull quite a lot on leash, so in hindsight, a plain silver / brass option would have been better but it’s not something that is a problem for me.
Would definitely recommend this product!

Best leash

Great communication from Get Dirty Dog about a delay in my order. They even offered to cancel the order if I didn’t want to wait that long. So glad I decided to wait. This leash is durable and perfect for training!


Received our first collars from Get Dirty. Love the size and colours, however, the hardware is a little too bulky for my small dogs. My mistake as I should have gone with plastic. Will order another another set.

Long Line

Our first long lines from Get Dirty. The 1/2" is perfect for my dogs. & the colours are perfect. Can't wait to get to our country place and use them in the fields and river.


We love our new 6' leashes from Get Dirty. The colours are fabulous on the girls. The size and weight are great for my small dogs.

Awesome gear! Stylish and gets all the compliments too:)

I'm so happy with this and the leash, I need more colours now!! So easy to clean and it's very good quality.

Awesome gear!

I’m super hard on gear and I have a dog with a coat that always ends up with collar marks (most collars break his hair)
His get dirty collar is holding up to daiky wear in lots of conditions and dirt (we are in muddy trails a lot) and his coat isn’t broken when I take it off. Highly recommend the quality and fun colors and designs.

Perfect on wet days

Leash was exactly as requested and has been perfect for outings on wet and snowy days

Customized Long Lead

Love this long lead. Very durable and easy to clean! I got the autolocking carabiner and like how secure it is. Makes spending time with my dog outdoors easier!

Everything I Wanted!!

I had been looking for a long lead with a traffic handle since we adopted our boy in July 2021. We have been through many long leads - rope, nylon, and retractable and they didn’t last. Our dog is an anxious/excitable walker, so, we do a lot of sniffy walk. He needs the long lead, but the traffic handle helps when other dogs approach so that he is by my side and not trying to get near others.

The only downside in the material is that it is slippery when wet and with a a dog who wants to pull and my hands sometimes struggle with gripping it when we approach other dogs. I’ve bought a pair of weight lifting gloves (fingerless) for the warmer months so that I have a firmer grip.

I would recommend this brand to anyone! They are durable, they clean well, have so many colours/options, and are quite comfortable to work with especially for the dogs who like to have more room to explore safely.

Pics attached of our boy, Jed. He doesn’t stop much when walking to get one with him face on with the lead.

Great Quality

Really sturdy, great quality leash!

Easy snap collar

This collar is very easy to snap on and off. It fits our sheltie perfectly as we ordered the customized version.

Love 2 Tone

This sturdy leash is exactly what we needed to keep our puppy safe! It is lightweight and the snap really is easy to release. The two tone makes it east to find the handle and the snap ( plus it looks great)

Game Changer

10/10! We are absolutely loving our new long line. I love that it’s still comfy to wrap around my hand and it’s such a dream to be able to just rinse it off in the sink. We’ll definitely be back for more gear!

Great for handling

We use it for scent detection and we love the length and weight of it. Does not hinder the dog or handler

Excellent Long Lead

Our Shih Tzu loves his new long lead!! It’s a perfect length of 20ft, our Shih Tzu is 16.5 lbs and has no trouble with this lead getting heavy as it doesn’t retain water/ snow/ mud like other leads. Excellent quality and great product!!

great quality, great customer service