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Great leashes and collars!

This is my first time buying but definitely not the last! I purchased this long line to mainly use in the summer for swimming, beach walks, etc, I have already used it during the snow and can say it works perfectly. The leash is light and flexible, perfect for my dog (who is 18lbs). I cannot wait to see how it holds up over the years and order different lengths in the future!

Dog leash

I am very happy with the strength of the leash and the fact that it has a handle so I can have the dog near me if we should be walking near traffic. I am very happy that we were able to have the colours we chose. The leash is long enough to give puppy lots of room for free walking.

3/4 inch wide traditional bolt snap biothane leash

Elly May would like to thank Santa and Get Dirty Pet Gear for her gorgeous new custom fit two toned collar and leash in Amethyst and Seafoam green. A girl has to have options, right? Not only is this gear beautiful, it's waterproof, washable and durable. All the other dogs in the neighborhood are sure to be jealous! 🎅🐾

Love the collar and leash!

Elly May would like to thank Santa and Get Dirty Pet Gear for her gorgeous new custom fit two toned collar and leash in Lavender and Seafoam green. A girl has to have options, right? Not only is this gear beautiful, it's waterproof, washable and durable. All the other dogs in the neighborhood are sure to be jealous! 🎅🐾

Lovely long line and collar

I recently ordered a long line and collar for my young dog. It is exactly what I wanted. Colleen is very accommodating when it comes to custom orders and does nice work.


I am absolutely in LOVE with this line. It feels amazing in the hand, is sturdy but light-weight, and looks truly stunning.


I can't say enough good things about the leashes I recieved!
I love the color
I love the traffic handle (comes in soo handy to bring them in close when needed)
I love the hardware
I love that just a easy wipe and it is clean and dry again
These have been my favorite dog purchases this year!!
Thank you, Get Dirty!

Long line with hands free

Having the hands free option is great with the 10” length is great because it is about 6 foot if you wrap it crossbody. I like it for when I need to walk two dogs and have to scoop poop, I don’t have to worry about the leash slipping. I can also change it to a regular long line when there is room for more freedom in the city. Seafoam green with gold is sooooo pretty. Thank you!

Hands free long line

I ordered the 10” line with the hands free option. It is great when I’m walking more than one dog and I don’t have to worry about the leash slipping or juggling two dogs while picking up poop. It’s well made and the seafoam green with gold is just beautiful. I bought a regular 6” leash for training as well. 💜

Custom long line

I ordered a custom 10” long line, it is hands free, with a traffic handle, fixed attachments with auto-lock on dog end and carabiner on human end…just fantastic. It is well made and so functional. Love it!

Dog collar with name

Beautiful collar , name and phone number very clear and visible .
Fits perfectly .

Exactly what I wanted!

I've purchased a variety of leashes and collars from Get Dirty Dogs for my own dogs and for family members' dogs. The quality is excellent. The colours are very well-represented in the pictures and they're exactly what I what I wanted.

Always the best, never disappoints!

We absolutely love Milo's new handled collar. It is beautiful, and incredibly well made. I can't wait for spring and dock diving season to begin!

Thrilled with our gear!!!

Elly May and I are super happy with her new collar and leash from Get Dirty Pet Gear. It is so strong, durable, and easy to clean. We will be ordering another set but sooooo many beautiful colors to choose from that we are having trouble deciding!!

Great collar

The collar arrived and was exactly as ordered. Colour was true to the example photo. The quality is excellent and I’m already tempted to order another!

Long line for the beach

The quality of this leash is outstanding. The self locking carabiner gives me peace of mind while walking with my dog along the ocean's edge. I chose orange and I love the colour too! I also want to mention the card that came with it; a thank you card for my purchase that has seeds embedded in the paper with instructions to plant and enjoy some flowers at a later date! How thoughtful!!! Thank You to this small business who does a great job satisfying their customers!

Ordered 2

They are awesome, the colors are beautiful.
I can't wait to show them off. Did I say the colors are beautiful . Love them.

Superior quality

It’s been 10 days since we received our new collar and leash. Color, quality and size are all as expected and so nice. Walking is so much easier - the sturdiness and weight have meant less pulling :)

Red collar!

I was shocked when I received it as I thought I ordered a teal collar. But I decided to keep it. It is so well made and easy to clean, to take off and on. I will definitely order again. (And make sure it’s the right color!ha) love it!

Great quality

Love the leash, and Colleen was very kind to update about any delays.
The only thing is I wish it had two traffic straps, one near the end of the leash and one mid-way down. I have arthritis is my hands and it would’ve allowed me better grip. This may or may not have been an option when ordering and I missed it.
Overall every pleased.

Love love love!

I love my new 1” wide traditional buckle biothane collar with rainbow hardware. It is so striking on my dog and I know it will hold up to the mud and water as my other dog’s collar has!

Great long line

Thanks for our new long line for training. It's easy to clean and doesn't stay wet and stinky like the old nylon one we had been using! A great choice, and made in Canada as well! Thanks!

1" Wide Adjustable Biothane Collar
Tracy Bevan

Amazing, so happy

Beautiful Leash

I love the leash ! It is so soft on the hands, is waterproof, looks great and is durable. This is the third leash of the same material that I have purchased here.

Absolutely fantastic!

These collars are the absolute best thing ever. The material is amazing because it will never ever hold any type of smell, and it washes up like new every single time. My dog has had hers for over two years now. It has seen all types of weather, lots of salt water, and it still functions just like the day that it arrived. I am now looking at purchasing a second collar, but purely for a second colour to change things up once in a while. These are basically a lifetime collar, if your dog doesn't outgrow them. I highly recommend getting yourself one of them.