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Love love love!

I love my new 1” wide traditional buckle biothane collar with rainbow hardware. It is so striking on my dog and I know it will hold up to the mud and water as my other dog’s collar has!

Great long line

Thanks for our new long line for training. It's easy to clean and doesn't stay wet and stinky like the old nylon one we had been using! A great choice, and made in Canada as well! Thanks!

Amazing, so happy

Beautiful Leash

I love the leash ! It is so soft on the hands, is waterproof, looks great and is durable. This is the third leash of the same material that I have purchased here.

Absolutely fantastic!

These collars are the absolute best thing ever. The material is amazing because it will never ever hold any type of smell, and it washes up like new every single time. My dog has had hers for over two years now. It has seen all types of weather, lots of salt water, and it still functions just like the day that it arrived. I am now looking at purchasing a second collar, but purely for a second colour to change things up once in a while. These are basically a lifetime collar, if your dog doesn't outgrow them. I highly recommend getting yourself one of them.

Great products

We all love our getdirty gear and recommend it to everyone. I had issues with a gift certificate code but Colleen figured it out for me in short order. The wait time was longer than normal but there was a lot going on in Colleens personal life at the time so totally understandable.

Biothane long lease

Awesome leash for my dogs for swimming. They have lots of length to allow them to roam and still be safe.perfect for my Pomeranians

Terrific Leash!

This is so easy on the hands and super strong for a large dog who sometimes pulls

high quality and so lightweight

We’ve only had our long line a few weeks but can already tell it will last. It’s so lightweight that our little 4 month old puppy could easily drag the whole thing behind her without batting an eye. The two different colors look awesome and make it easy to find in the grass. I’ve only used it in the park and the backyard but our puppy Pretzel LOVES the freedom it gives her to zoom around. Seriously, the first time I put it on her it was like she immediately knew what to do and she went wild running around. It got so dirty from playing outside after some rain and wiped clean in just a few seconds. Can’t wait to take it on hikes and camping trips or even to the lake eventually. Definitely would purchase again.

Collars and leads

We purchased three 10 foot leads last year and love them so much that we bought matching collars. The products are strong but soft and very easy to keep clean. The 10 foot leads are the perfect length for walking our dogs and also the max length permitted under our city by-laws.

Absolutely Fabulous

I love our 30’ long line. It is light and strong . I have it as a drag line but you can make a loop or knot in the end for those times you want a bit more control. We use it a lot in water and beaches and it rocks. My old long line used to get lots of knots and come home covered in wet sand. This is 1000 times better and comes home clean, dry and knot free. The quick release gives peace of mind as I know I can get it off my dog in a second if she gets caught in something during her adventures.

Biothane Slip Leash

This leash is great! My dog loves to be messy so the material is very easy to keep clean! We have acquired quite a collection of stinky leashes over the years. The quality is great and have not had any issues!

Excellent product!

I love the features on this line, it's why I went with this company. She communicated why she was delayed in sending our order and then enclosed a thank you gift! Great customer service and so very thoughtful!

Highly recommend!!

So happy with our new 8’ leash! Excellent quality!


So well crafted and Colleen is so very friendly and all about customer service! I'm thrilled to be able to support local, especially when products are created to such high standards.
I used to hate washing my long line after it had been dragged through mud and heaven knows what else. With these, a rinse under the hose, or a swipe with a sanitizing wipe and it is back to brand new.
Perfect for the sport of tracking too! I love the narrow long lines as they cut down on weight.

The Perfect Long Line

I love how thin these lines are! It makes them nice and light and perfect for my tollers! I also like that I can choose a handle or not, so I don’t have to worry about the handle getting caught anywhere when I let the dogs drag the line. I use this long line for my Chinese cresteds as well and it is *perfect* for them!!

Fantastic long line!

The 3/8” long line is perfect for my 8 pound Italian greyhound and does not weigh her down! I’m very happy with our first time trying it out at the lake. After wearing it for fetch in the water, all the dirt wipes away! The baby bolt snap is also perfect for toy breeds.

Love my Get Dirty gear!

Recently purchased 10' long leashes for our guys. Love this length for when I want some additional freedom for the dogs, but still need to be leashed. Perfect for on-leash trail walks! These leashes join our biothane collection including collars, 6' leashes and 25' drag lines.

Sunshine yellow collar

The colour looks great on my Bella. She is all set for the summer with her new long line and collar in sunshine yellow!
As always great quality.

L ove, Love, LOVE this leash!

I find the 10 foot leash perfect for giving my dog that little bit of extra room for greeting other dogs, which allows for less stress and confrontation. It also allows her to have a much more relaxing loose leash walk with more room to explore. Being a nosey hound mix puppy who hasn't earned her off leash privileges' yet, it gives her more freedom and is helping to set her up for future off leash adventures. The leash is beautiful, light, easy to clean and very durable. It just feels great in the hand.


Beautiful and amazing quality!

Love these leads!

We have now purchased 3 traffic leads and love them for my dogs. They are great quality and we love the material (easy to keep clean and dry) and colour selection! It is a great training tool or backup to the normal leash for our daily walks when you want to keep close control.

Best products around

I have many Get Dirty products (leashes, collars , longlines). Hands own the best you will find. I love this leash for training. It is lightweight, durable, and beautiful!

LOVE my Get Dirty gear!

Looks amazing and the quality is fantastic! So many options to customize your order. The printed name/number option is sooooo much better than a riveted plate. LOVE it!

Red collapsible bowl

Love it!! The color makes it easy to see and I love that it clips to my dog gear bag