3/4" Wide Dual Clip Biothane Collar
3/4" Wide Dual Clip Biothane Collar

Our 3/4" wide dual clip Biothane collar offers functionality but still looks sharp! The belt buckle style closure makes it easy to resize in a snap and the quick release keeps it easy to get on and off.   This collar is perfect for small and medium sized dogs, or if you prefer a thinner collar on your larger dog. It's waterproof, easy to keep clean, and doesn't hold odors. It has a look and feel much like leather, yet it is vegan.

Custom fit to your pet's neck size and many hardware color options to choose from ensures you get the perfect collar!
Sizing: Refer to our how to measure your pet page for the best way to measure.  The collar will have the middle hole set to the measurement you choose. 
Materials: This collar is make from standard Biothane and has a belt buckle style and quick release clip closure.  Except for the stainless steel and brass buckle style clips, all buckles and quick release clips are plated and may chip over time.

Safety: We try our best to source the most durable materials for our products but for the safety of your pet please inspect your products for signs of wear and tear. 

3/4" Wide Dual Clip Biothane Collar

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