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5/8" Wide Adventure Carabiner Biothane Long Line - Get Dirty Pet Gear
5/8" Wide Adventure Carabiner Biothane Long Line - Get Dirty Pet Gear
5/8" Wide Adventure Carabiner Biothane Long Line - Get Dirty Pet Gear
5/8" Wide Adventure Carabiner Biothane Long Line - Get Dirty Pet Gear

Made with our amazingly strong yet super light, aluminium carabiner clip, this Biothane long line is made for adventure!  This is the perfect line for training, walks on the trail, the beach, camping, or anywhere you can think of where you want to give your dog a little room to roam but need to keep them under control.  

The width of this line is great for medium to large sized dogs.

Customize this leash with so many ways to truly make it your own!
Beta BioThane has a soft look and feel, much like leather but it is so easy to keep clean; simply wash with mild soap and water. The added bonus is it is waterproof and will not absorb odors!  
Want added security for that "tough on the gear" pet? Choose the auto locking carabiner option.   The length of the auto locking carabiner may not be suitable for small dogs as it is longer than the regular carabiner.
Materials:  This line is made from standard weight Beta Biothane, with an aluminium clip.  For water loving pets, we recommend choosing stainless steel or brass rivets for maximum durability. The rainbow, rose gold, and black hardware are nickel plated steel.
Safety: We try our best to source the most durable materials for our products but for the safety of your pet please inspect your products often for signs of wear and tear. We are not responsible for injuries that result from improper use of our gear. We stand behind all our products, please contact us with any issues!  

5/8" Wide Adventure Carabiner Biothane Long Line

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Customer Reviews

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Hi-viz for the win!

I keep a longline in the camping gear to use as a tie-out when we're in places the dog might wander too far from camp, or for when I have to step away. It's reflective and tightly woven enough to not get (very) dirty but is still hard enough to see during the day to be a hazard. This one, a 30', bright orange, with carabineer on both ends longline should be just the thing to replace the old line and be gentle enough on my hands to use as a longline for walks away from camp.

Emily Hale
Great Long Lead

We're so impressed with the long lead that we purchased. The colors are great, as it is easy to see when he's dragging it along in the woods, and it is comfortable to hold and cleans much easier than the last leash we had. We were also very impressed with how strong it is! I imagine this leash will last us a very very long time!

Game Changer

10/10! We are absolutely loving our new long line. I love that it’s still comfy to wrap around my hand and it’s such a dream to be able to just rinse it off in the sink. We’ll definitely be back for more gear!

Great quality

Love the leash, and Colleen was very kind to update about any delays.
The only thing is I wish it had two traffic straps, one near the end of the leash and one mid-way down. I have arthritis is my hands and it would’ve allowed me better grip. This may or may not have been an option when ordering and I missed it.
Overall every pleased.

high quality and so lightweight

We’ve only had our long line a few weeks but can already tell it will last. It’s so lightweight that our little 4 month old puppy could easily drag the whole thing behind her without batting an eye. The two different colors look awesome and make it easy to find in the grass. I’ve only used it in the park and the backyard but our puppy Pretzel LOVES the freedom it gives her to zoom around. Seriously, the first time I put it on her it was like she immediately knew what to do and she went wild running around. It got so dirty from playing outside after some rain and wiped clean in just a few seconds. Can’t wait to take it on hikes and camping trips or even to the lake eventually. Definitely would purchase again.